Discover Black Snakes in Kansas

If you live in Kansas and have a fear of black snakes, one way to overcome this is by identifying and understanding them. This way, you can feel less panic and contact the appropriate authorities if you sight a black snake. Today, we’ll be taking a look at 6 black snakes in Kansas City.

Black Rat Snake

Western rat snakes, also known as black rat snakes, are very commonly seen in Kansas. As adults, they weigh up to 3 pounds and grow to up to 75 inches. These snakes are commonly called black snakes because of their colors.

Western Worm Snake

The western worm snake is a colubrid species found around America. They have dark or black coloration that runs from their heads to their tails. However, these snakes are not only black. Their bellies are usually colored red or pink.

Northern Watersnakes

Northern Watersnakes, which shouldn’t be confused with cottonmouths, are easy to spot in Kansas. They come in various colors such as black, brown, gray, or even red. However, black watersnakes are very rare.

Western Ribbon Snake

The Western Ribbon Snake is a species of garter snake. They are nonvenomous and measure between 16 to 35 inches. They are usually colored black, olive, or brown and have light-colored stripes.


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