Discover Incredible Vampire Bat Facts

Let’s discover interesting vampire bat facts that will leave you in awe and make you feel a chill run down your spine.

Another interesting vampire bat fact is that when vampire bats find a host to feed on, they will continue going until they feel very well fed.

Vampire Bats Drink Half Their Weight In Blood

Vampire bats reproduce extremely slowly. Female bats tend to have only one pregnancy per year, as their pregnancies last for about 209 days.

Vampire Bats Reproduce Very Slowly

A vampire bat is said to be able to see animals up to 500 feet from them in the dark! A vampire bat has much better eyesight than many other types of bats.

Vampire Bats Have Incredible Eyesight

Out of over thousands of species of bats, vampire bats are the only ones who can partake in walking, running, and even jumping.

Vampire Bats Can Run