The 10 Largest Scorpions In The World

Most scorpions are quite small, with an average length of 6 cm (2 inches), but there are some species that prove to be the exception and far exceed the average. Here are 10 of the largest scorpions by length.


First on our list is the deathstalker scorpion, also sometimes known as the yellow scorpion, which can grow to a length of around 4 inches.

Florida Bark Scorpion

Slightly bigger than the deathstalker is the Florida bark scorpion which can grow to a maximum length of 4.7 inches. Also known as the brown or slender bark scorpion.

Malaysian Forest Scorpion

Closely related to both the emperor and the giant forest scorpion, the Malaysian forest scorpion is completely black and can grow to around 6.3 inches.

Emperor Scorpion

Fighting out the top spot on our list is the emperor scorpion which comes in at a length of 7.9 inches.  Native to West Africa, the emperor scorpion prefers rainforests but is sometimes found in the savannahs as well.

Rock Scorpion

Coming in at a length of 8.25 inches and taking the second spot is the rock scorpion which is found in South Africa and, as the name suggests, lives on rocks.


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