Discover the 20+ Different Types of Bonsai Trees



Here’s what defines a Bonsai tree as well as a list of some of the most common and popular types of Bonsai trees for you to grow!

What Types of Trees Can Be Grown as Bonsais?

Did you know that just about any type of shrub or tree can be grown in miniature form? Bonsai refers to the ancient art of crafting miniature trees or shrubs for their ornamental use. It does not refer to a specific species or type of tree, contrary to popular belief.


Classified as Ulmus parvifolia, the Chinese elm grows small leaves that suit a Bonsai landscape well. It also develops a scaly bark as it ages, sometimes patchy with orange or white.


There’s nothing more iconic than a Japanese maple Bonsai tree. Maple Bonsai trees are deciduous even in miniature form, which means that their five-pointed leaves will change color with the seasons.


While you can’t grow juniper Bonsai trees indoors, the elements truly shape these trees and make them beautiful. Cold tolerant down to 15 degrees Fahrenheit, juniper Bonsais have two different types of foliage known as scale or needle foliage.


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