Discover the 51 Extinct Penguin Species



Penguins are among the world’s most fascinating and endearing bird species, but even though they capture the attention of everyone who sees them, they aren’t as well protected as they need to be. Today, we will discover the 51 extinct penguins and other interesting facts.

Chatham Penguin (Eudyptes warhami)

The Chatham penguin, also referred to as the Warham’s penguin is an extinct species of crested penguin species that was once native to the Chatham Islands in New Zealand. Only subfossil bones exist for it, and it likely must have gone extinct 150–200 years after Polynesians first arrived in the Chatham Islands around 1450 AD.

Kairaku grebneffi

A huge extinct penguin species called Kairuku grebneffi is one of the tallest and heaviest penguins, with a weight of 50% more than that of modern emperor penguins. Its long, narrow bill and lean body were the distinguishing traits of the species. It likely used to catch fish and squid and could dive deeper and swim farther than living penguins.

Colossus Penguin (Palaeeudyptes klekowskii)

The “colossus penguin” was the largest penguin ever to exist on Earth. The enormous species of penguin, which stood up to 8 feet tall and weighed more than 250 pounds, was twice as tall as huge emperor penguins are now.


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