Discover the 8 Smartest Dinosaurs And See Where the T-Rex Ranks

Dinosaurs were majestic creatures, even though we’ve never seen a live one. The fascinating animals came in different shapes and sizes, distinguished by their physical features.

Most people don’t know how they rank in terms of intellect. In this post, we will rank the top 8 smartest dinosaurs that ever lived. You will also find out how the T. rex fares.

Many paleontologists consider the troodon the smartest dinosaur to have ever lived, with an EQ of 5.8. The small coelurosaurian dinosaur had a large brain for its relatively small size.


Deinonychus is known for its terrible claws, after which it was named and had an aggressive temperament to boot. Deinonychus had a ranking of 5.5-5.8 on the encephalization quotient scale.


Compsognathus was a meat eater and a fast, agile dinosaur. It had an EQ of 5.8 or lower. Scientists believe that this dinosaur preyed on swift animals.


With an EQ of 1.9, the T-Rex was as smart as a chimpanzee. Sensory organs inside the head of the T. rex were gigantic and well-developed.

Tyrannosaurus rex