Discover the Best Pet Snakes

Snakes make for great pets! They are unique and fun. There are over 3,600 species worldwide and the majority of them are adaptable to captivity.

Here’s a list of great snakes, known for their ease of care, temperament, and appearance.

Children’s Python

Children’s Pythons grow between 2.5 and four feet making them rare medium-sized snakes that stay small.


Common Boa Constrictor

Due to their very large size, boas aren’t the best pet for the novice. At a titillating 13 to 16 feet in length, the boa constrictor needs an experienced handler.


Western Hognose Snake

Native to the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, the Western Hognose Snake is known for its upturned pug-ish nose.


Garter Snake

Garters are among the world’s most populous wild snakes and popular home pets. Captive garters gnaw on worms and small fish.



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