Discover the Crazy-Cool Catfish Facts

The most common name of catfish comes from the long cat-like whiskers they have coming out of the sides of their face. Let’s look at the 10 craziest catfish facts!


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Catfish can thrive in really cold and really hot water.

One of the reasons catfish can be found all over the world is because they can adapt to a wide variety of habitats. Catfish can be found in areas where the temperature is 95 degrees and they can also survive at temperatures just above freezing.

A walking fish? The Asian catfish can “walk” from pool to pool.

“I’m outta here!” If an Asian catfish gets fed up with its lake, pond it can up and leave! Walking catfish have pectoral fins that they use to scoot across the land with an odd wile like a snake.

No need to turn up the bass, catfish have a built in amplifier.

There are four bones that link the inner ear to the swim bladder. When sound waves bounce off the bladder, the signal is sent to the ear and the sound is amplified.

3,000 channel catfish were released at an Air Force Base in Florida.

The In an effort to balance out the ecosystem and to provide fishing opportunities, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services partnered with the MacDill Air Force Base to raise and release 3,000 channel catfish into Lewin Lake on the base.

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