Discover the Deadly Powers Of Pistol Shrimps

The pistol shrimp is one of the most uniquely evolved predators across the natural world. Yet, even with its distinctive snapping claw, it must often rely on trusted companions for survival.

To learn more about this animal and see just how loud 218 decibels is, read on!

Pistol Shrimp Appearance

The pistol shrimp is a family of shrimp species that is found mostly in tropical waters and has a distinctive over-sized claw.

How Pistol Shrimp Claws Work

Pistol shrimp claws snap together with such force that they produce a stream of water that travels as a pressure bubble at speeds of roughly 71 mph towards its prey.

Just How Loud  is a Pistol Shrimp?

They use their large claws for fighting with rivals to see which can make the loudest bang. Their claws have reached a sound frequency of around 218 decibels.

Tiger Pistol Shrimp and Goby

The tiger pistol shrimp and the goby maintain a symbiotic relationship, with the tiger pistol shrimp hunting for meals and the goby spotting potential threats.