The Top 10 Largest Bats in the World

It’s true that bats make a lot of people squeamish. As a mammal that’s achieved true flight, they strike some folks as too weird for comfort.

But bats are enormously important for the environment. They eat insect pests such as mosquitoes, help pollinate flowers and help the spread of plants by dropping their seeds.

#10 Greater Horseshoe Bat

The Greater Horseshoe Bat can be easily identified by the flap of horseshoe shaped skin around its nostrils.

#9 Greater Spear-nosed Bat

Greater Spear-nosed bats roost together in caves or tree hollows, sometimes forming colonies of several 1000 individuals.

#8 Spectral Bat

The Spectral Bats use an extremely advanced sense of smell to hunt their prey in pitch black forests.

#7 Greater Noctule Bat

Greater Noctule Bat is one of the few bat species to feed on passerine birds.