Discover the Largest Flying Insects in the World

While you may think of mosquitoes or gnats when you think of flying insects, this list of the top largest flying insects in the world will show you just how diverse these fascinating bugs are.

White Witch Moth

Wondering just how large this giant flying insect is? One specimen from Brazil measured in with a wingspan of around 12 inches. That’s the same as a two-liter soda bottle!

Titan Beetles

The titan beetle (Titanus giganteus) is the only species in the Titanus genus. Specimens have been found as large as 6.6 inches long — around the same length as a pencil.

Goliath Beetles

The largest Goliath beetles are males, and they can measure up to 4.3 inches long. Females are a bit smaller, with a maximum size of 3.1 inches.

Atlas Moth

While the Atlas moth’s wingspan is a bit smaller than the white witch moth’s at 9.4 inches, they have a large wing area — around 25 square inches.

Tarantula Hawk

While their size of 2 inches makes them one of the smallest of the largest flying insects in the world, they’re still one of the largest wasp species.


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