Discover The Largest Whitetail Deer Ever Recorded

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One of the most stunning and distinctive deer in the world is the white-tailed deer.

Easily noticeable by the white tails that they are named for, white-tailed deer are one of the most common species of deer in the entire United States.

They are reddish-brown during the spring and summer months but turn greyish brown during the winter. They are 37 to 87 inches long, and their tails can be up to 15 inches.

Size and Appearance

Due to heavy predation by humans who regularly hunt them, white-tailed deer are generally a very nervous species.

Behavior of White-Tail Deer

white-tailed deer are significantly larger than many other species of deer, they are by no means the largest.

How do White-Tail Deer Compare?

The largest whitetail deer ever recorded was a massive buck that weighed an estimated 540 pounds.

The Largest Whitetail Deer ever Recorded





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