Discover the Most Aggressive Snakes in the World

While not every snake that gets aggressive is deadly, venomous snakes can be some of the most aggressive. Every snake attack is a matter of last resort, but which ones reach the end of their ropes first? What are the most aggressive snakes in the world?

Black Mamba

The black mamba is the fastest land snake in the world and is the second-longest venomous snake in the world. It can move up to 12 mph, and its home is in the south and east of Africa.


Saw-Scaled Viper

The carpet viper, also called the saw-scaled viper, is one of the most aggressive snakes on the planet while also packing a venomous punch. This snake is so aggressive that it’s responsible for the most human deaths, while only 10 percent of untreated victims die.


Coastal Taipan

The coastal taipan is like the black mamba in venom potency, color, shape, and size. It attacks its prey in much of the same way as the black mamba, allowing the prey to walk around and die to avoid damage to themselves.


Bushmaster Snake

The bushmaster snake is one of the most aggressive snakes on the planet when it feels threatened. It is also extremely venomous. It is the largest pit viper in the world, reaching up to 12 feet, though it averages at about 6.5 feet.



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