Discover the Most Dangerous (Deadliest!) Animals in Arizona

Have you heard of a venomous centipede that is 8 inches long! What about the intimidating 2-foot-long Gila monster? And there are large predators like black bears and mountain lions.

These animals are all dangerous but are any of them deadly? Let’s find out about the deadliest animals in Arizona.

There are 13 varieties of rattlesnakes in Arizona with the state snake being the Arizona ridge-nosed rattlesnake, the ridge-nosed rattler is venomous, but they are a smaller snake growing to be around 18 inches.

Dangerous (Poisonous) Snakes in Arizona

Arizona has a healthy black widow population and not just in the desert. Due to the abundance of food sources in the cities, they are frequently cohabitating with humans.

What kind of dangerous spiders live in Arizona?

Arizona bark scorpions are another animal that you may encounter in cities as well as the desert. They can sneak into your home through a crack as small as a credit card.

Deadly scorpions in Arizona

An 8-inch-long centipede may not even sound that intimidating until you see one next to a human arm. They’ve been described as one of the most painful stings in the world.

Centipedes in Arizona: The 8-inch desert giant

They are venomous but instead of taking a bite and running away they chomp down and hold on! Although painful, there are no reported deaths from Gila monster bites.

Gila Monsters: The most deadly lizard in Arizona?