Discover the Most Unique Caribbean Snakes!

With over 60 varied species of snakes, you can expect to see an eclectic mix of land and sea snakes in the Caribbean.

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Although they are all cool in their own right, let’s look at the most unique Caribbean snakes!

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The Arrhyton snake, also known as “island racers,” is a new world snake that was found in Cuba. It is a small snake, and it belongs to the Colubridae family, with 9 other subspecies.

Barbados Thread snake

The Barbados thread snake is a species of thread snake and is the smallest species of snake there is!

Puerto Rican Boa

The Puerto Rican boa is a large species of boa snake native to Puerto Rico. It belongs to the Boidae family and does not have a subspecies.

Bothrops Atrox

The largest specimen ever recorded totaled just over 5 feet in length. Its colors range from olive, gray, brown, and tan, with variable dark and light markings. The belly may be cream-colored or a yellowish gray, while its tongue is always black. 


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