Discover the Top Animals With the Toughest Skin

The following ten animals have the toughest skin in the animal kingdom. Discover the reasons why they have tough skin.

Is it connected to their habitat, the climate they live in, or their predators? It may be all of the above!

The skin of a hippopotamus is two inches thick all over its body. Its thick hide serves a few purposes.

#10 Hippopotamus

Monarchs migrate once a year for the winter. The timing of this migration is synced with their unusual life cycle, which passes through four generations per year.

#9 Honey Badger

Dromedary or Arabian camel, Camelus dromedarius, in the long golden grass in an Egyptian meadow.

#8 Camel

Nine-banded Armadillo feeding on corn. Armadillos are covered in bony plates that create their ‘armor’.

#7 Armadillo