Discover The Top Beautiful Brown Animals

The animal is brown all of the time and not just seasonally, though babies can be born a different color and mature into their brownness.

Brown is also the only color the animal normally comes in. With that in mind, here are 10 types of beautiful brown animals.

#10. Kodiak Bear

The Kodiak bear is the largest subspecies of the brown bear. This bear is only found on the Kodiak Archipelago, and its population seems to be increasing.

#9. Cougar

Though it may be tempting to place the lion in this spot for a beautiful brown animal, the cougar has an edge because of its sleeker looks.

#8. Orizaba Silkmoth

The Orizaba silkmoth has ringed brown spots on the margins of its hindwings.

#7. Bicolor Commodore

The Commodore has dark brown wings embellished with sunny yellow stripes on the forewings that shade into white stripes on the hind wings.