Discover the World’s Largest Lions!

A male lion, with its formidable size and flowing mane, is a majestic animal rightfully known as king of the jungle. 

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In this story we will investigate these beasts and attempt to answer: what is the largest lion, how big can different species get, and what is so big about their role in the environment?

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What is the largest lion of subspecies alive today?

The largest lion ever recorded in the wild reportedly weighed 690 pounds and was shot in South Africa in 1936.

What is the largest lion of extinct species?

The largest extinct lion was the American cave lion and may have weighed up to 1,153 pounds!

Do ligers count? What is the largest liger on record?

The largest liger ever was named Hercules and was bred in captivity in 2002. Hercules had an exceptional weight of 922 pounds!


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