Types of Pond Turtles

With the exception of one, the pond turtles on this list have webbed feet and spend most of their time in the water. Check out some facts regarding nine of the most well-known types of pond turtles.

Northern Map Turtle

A northern map turtle gets its name from the design on its shell. Its shell can be light or dark green with a pattern of yellow lines that make it look like a map.


Yellow-Bellied Slider

Identification of a yellow-bellied slider turtle is fairly easy. This freshwater turtle has a brown or green shell with yellow on its underside.


European Pond Terrapin

Terrapin is another name for a freshwater turtle. The European Pond terrapin has a shell measuring eight to 12 inches long. Its shell can be either brown or olive in color featuring tiny yellow spots.


Red-Eared Slider

The red-eared slider has a slash of red on each side of its head. These spots of red are in the same area where the turtle’s tympanum or non-visible ears are located.



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