Do Capuchins Make Good Pets? Only on TV

Capuchin monkeys are famous for appearances in films and television, but do capuchins make good pets? The capuchin monkey originates from the tropical forests of South and Central America.

Let’s explore more about capuchin monkeys and if they make good pets. We’ll also look at the traits that make them so popular and beloved – like their high intelligence.

Do Capuchins Make Good Pets?

Unfortunately, Capuchins don’t make good pets because they require too many years of specialized care. Plus, capuchins don’t rehome well.

What do Capuchins Eat?

Capuchins eat various berries, birds, flowers, frogs, fruit, insects, leaves, lizards, and nuts in their natural habitat.

What are Common Pet Capuchin Health Problems?

Capuchins can contract herpes B through contact with human cold sores. The survival rate among capuchins with herpes B is very low.

How Smart are Capuchins?

According to The Denver Zoo, capuchin monkeys are so intelligent that they learn and remember new things very well – nearly as well if not equal to chimpanzees.