Do Carpet Beetles Bite & What Do They Look Like?

Here’s everything you need to know for the identification of a carpet beetle infestation along with all the treatment and prevention tips you can follow if you do notice the signs of infestation.


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How to Identify Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles also closely resemble bed bugs in terms of shape. Both bugs are flat and ovular, although carpet beetles can be distinguished by the fact that they have visible wings, whereas bed bugs have no wings at all.

How to Identify Carpet Beetle Larvae

Their bright colors make them generally easy to distinguish if you know the facts about them. Larvae are usually about a third of an inch in length and share a long and fuzzy body that makes them look like small caterpillars. But coloration can vary from one species to another.

How to Identify Carpet Beetle Rashes

Allergic reactions to the shed bristles of carpet beetle larvae aren’t uncommon — and these allergic reactions most commonly take the form of pink rashes on the skin. These rashes are usually visible, bright, and prone to itching.

How to Identify a Carpet Beetle Infestation

The most obvious symptoms of an infection can be seen in clothing, carpets, or bedding made from natural fibers. Carpet beetles will typically lay their eggs on carpets or along floorboards so that their larva will have a steady diet of fabric to grow to adulthood.

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