Dogs Are Smarter Than You Think: Here’s Why

We’re learning more and more about our canine companions every day. It’s always helpful to learn everything you can about what you love.

You can get to know their potential and find out ways to help them improve their intelligence with this helpful article.

– They have advanced memory skills. – Capable of reading body language in humans – Responding to hand gestures like pointing – follow voice commands

Why Dogs are Smarter Than You Think

– Dogs can differentiate between other dogs regardless of the other dogs’ appearance or traits. – Dogs can recall, to a certain extent, past events.

Their mental capabilities are on the same level as a two-year-old human! On average, a dog can learn around 165 words.

Ability to Understand Human Speech

A dog can guide someone with vision impairment to the store. They protect the human from walking into a wall or something more dangerous like a car or ledge.

How Dogs Help Humans

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3 Toys to Boost Your Dog’s Intelligence