Doodle vs Poodle: Is There a Difference?

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You have likely heard about poodles, but do you know all of the differences between a doodle vs poodle?

Given the fact that “doodle” refers to a wide variety of poodle crossbreeds, there are countless doodle mixes available for adoption today.

the average poodle weight is anywhere from 35 to 70 pounds. the average weight of any type of doodle mix is anywhere from 10 to 100 pounds.


Poodles have extremely tight curls covering their body, while doodles often get wavier and longer fur, depending on the dog that they have been crossed with.


Poodles are a purebred breed of dog, while doodles are a hybrid or designer breed of dog.

Ancestry and Breeding

Some people consider this to be the same breed as the Greenland Dog; both of them have a very similar temperament and appearance.






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