Dorgi vs. Corgi: Key Differences

When it comes to comparing short and compact dogs, nothing beats a Dorgi vs Corgi. Both of these breeds are known as sausage dogs- and for good reason!

We will address their physical and behavioral differences, as well as their average lifespans and breed histories. Let’s get started and learn all about these two dog breeds now!

Dorgi vs Corgi: Size

When it comes to size and weight, the Corgi tends to grow larger than the Dorgi.

Dorgi vs Corgi: Appearance

While both the Dorgi and the Corgi have stubby legs and elongated bodies, there are some differences in their physical appearance.

Dorgi vs Corgi: Ancestry and Breeding

You may not know this, but the Corgi breed originated in roughly 1000 AD, while the Dorgi is a relatively new and modern breed of dog.

Dorgi vs Corgi: Behavior

For example, both are playful and eager individuals who enjoy being around their families. However, the Dorgi has a more stubborn personality compared to the Corgi.