Endangered Animals Recently Declared Extinct

Today, recent will be defined as extinctions in the 21st century to avoid ambiguity. What are 6 endangered animals recently declared extinct?

Endangered Christmas Island Pipistrelles Are Recently Extinct

Christmas Island is located south of Indonesia in the Indian Ocean and it’s owned by Australia. These small bats were once common but the last individual was seen in 2009. It was declared extinct in 2017.


The Pyrenean Ibex Are Declared Extinct

The Spanish ibex has faced the loss of 2 subspecies to extinction including the Pyrenean ibex. In 2000, this ibex was declared extinct after the last known female was found dead on January 6th.


The Po’ouili Are Newly Extinct

The Po’ouili were forest birds endemic to East Maui. It was first discovered in 1973 and it was listed as the most endangered forest bird in Hawaii before it disappeared.


Endangered Splendid Poison Frogs Are Recently Extinct

The last of these frogs were spotted in 1992 and they were declared extinct in 2020. They used to live in the western Cordillera Central in Panama and especially liked wet forests and humid lowlands.



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