Explore the Great Basin

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Snow is not something you typically associate with a desert climate but it is actually quite common in the Great Basin desert.

With elevation approaching 10,000 feet above sea level, there is a wide range of temperatures, climates, plants, and animals in the amazing Great Basin desert. Let's learn more about it!

The Great Basin desert is the largest desert in the United States. It covers around 190,000 square miles.

How Large Is the Great Basin Desert?

The majority of the Great Basin is in Nevada. The desert extends into California, Utah, Oregon, and Idaho.

Where is the Great Basin Desert located?

Temperatures in the Great Basin are closer to the upper 80s during the summer months and low 40s in the cooler winter months.

What are the Average Temperatures in the Great Basin Desert?

The Great Basin gets very little rainfall, even compared to other deserts in North America. In one year, the Great Basin typically sees less than one inch of rain.

How Much Rainfall Does It Get?