Frog Teeth: Everything You Need to Know

Let’s dive into some interesting facts about frog teeth that you should know.

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Do Frogs Have Teeth?

Not all frogs have teeth. But like most amphibians, the majority of frog species out there have two types of teeth in their jaw: the tiny teeth called maxillary, and those that are in the maxilla called vomerine teeth.

How Small Are Frog Teeth?

Frog teeth are notoriously small, which is perhaps why they’ve gone unnoticed for so long. Most frog teeth are less than a millimeter in length, and they are often not bigger than half a millimeter.

Do Frogs Chew Their Food?

Instead of chewing or tearing their prey apart, frogs consume their food whole by holding it in their mouth with their teeth and then pushing it down their throat with their bulging eyeballs. Suffocating the prey in the stomach and mouth is a common method used by frogs to eat their food.

Types of Frog Teeth

There are two types of frog teeth: vomerine and maxillary, and both have their own differences. Frogs, like humans, have maxillary teeth, which are located on the top regions of their jaws, but it is quite impossible to see these teeth from the outside. The vomerine teeth, on the other hand, are much smaller in size and therefore less noticeable to the naked eye.

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