Goat vs. Cow Milk: Which Is Better for You?

We hear a lot these days about how cow milk may not be as good for us as we have been led to believe. But when comparing goat and cow milk, which is better for you?

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One short answer is that goat’s milk contains more easily digested proteins that your body processes more easily. However, this is just the beginning of the differences between the two!

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Nutritional Comparison

Cow milk is thought to be the standard for milk consumption, but the truth is that goat milk is the choice for 65% of the world’s population! 

Goat milk is harder to find commercially as it is often sold in raw form, which is banned in many areas. Cow milk is more commercialized and is often less expensive.

Common Allergies and Restrictions

The most common restriction regarding milk from cows or goats is due to lactose intolerance. This intolerance is caused by what is called a Casein allergy.

Cow milk contains A1 casein proteins, which many people find quite hard to digest. Goat milk contains A2 casein proteins, which many individuals find easier to digest. 


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