Grasshopper vs. Locust: Major Differences That Set Them Apart

Grasshoppers and locusts look strikingly similar, but how alike are they? Sure – they both have springy legs and a certain hue to their bodies, but each one stands alone as a rather unique animal.

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While there are a few physical traits that make them different, their behavior is the most obvious way to tell them apart.

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Grasshopper vs. Locust: Bigger Bodies

Among all of the different species of locusts and grasshoppers, the locust is usually smaller in size. 

Grasshopper vs. Locust: Swarming Around

When the population is high, the locust prefers to thrive in swarms.

Grasshopper vs. Locust:  A Heaping Appetite

The grasshopper will eat nearly any plant or vegetable is available, and they are not nearly as picky. 

Grasshopper vs. Locust: Natural Habitat

Grasshoppers are much less picky in their habitat. Some species of grasshoppers will even live near water.


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