Greyhound Dog Breed Complete Guide

The greyhound is the fastest breed of dog, and retired racing greyhounds make for calm and sweet pets.


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Pros of Owning a Greyhounds

They don’t need much exercise. They only need a 20-30 minute walk each day. They get along with everyone. They don’t trigger allergic reactions as much.

Cons of Owning a Greyhound

Hyperactive and destructive tendency If the puppies don’t get enough play with the proper toys, they will mouth on various things in the house. Sensitive skin Familiar vet Their vet needs to know the breed to properly anesthetize them.

Greyhound Size and Weight

They have a height of 28-30 inches for males and 27-28 inches for females. Males weigh 60-88 lbs and females weigh 55-75 lbs. They both weigh on average about 70 lbs. Most greyhounds in family homes today are adopted as adult racing dogs.

Greyhound Common Health Issues

Greyhounds tend to be healthy and to live long lives of 10-14 years. However, there have been some cases of greyhounds developing esophageal achalasia, gastric dilatation volvulus (also called bloat), gastric torsion, heart and eye conditions, osteosarcoma, and corns on the paw pads.

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