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Northwest Indian tribe Haida Gwaii is located off British Columbia’s coast. The Haida have resided on Haida Gwaii, a British Columbia archipelago, for at least 12,500 years.

the name “Haida” can refer to a variety of other groups within the tribe. Let's dive in and know more about this tribe!

The name of the tribe has been written a number of different ways throughout the years, including Haidah, Hai-dai, Hydah, and Hyder, but the spelling “Haida” has been the most common since the late 1800s.


The Haida people are the indigenous people of Haida Gwaii (previously the Queen Charlotte Islands) in British Columbia, Canada, and the southern part of Prince of Wales Island in Alaska.


In the 2016 census, 501 people claimed Haida heritage. Upwards of 20,000 Haida relatives were living throughout the world at the turn of the 21st century, according to population estimates.


The Haida believe in a supernatural entity named Ne-kilst-lass, who can change into a Raven at will. The name Ne-kilst-lass became recognized throughout the world.