How Big Do Guinea Pigs Get?

Guinea pigs, like other members of the rodent family, are pretty small when compared to some other mammals preferred as pets. We will provide you with helpful information on how big Guinea pigs get.

How Big Do Guinea Pigs Get?

At adulthood, Guinea pigs grow as big as 10-12 inches in length and between 24.0-41.6 ounces heavy. On average, they can be 5 inches tall, though their height is not an essential metric for how big they are.

What is the Guinea Pig’s Biggest Breed?

The primary physical difference between these two dog breeds is the fact that the sheepadoodle only comes in black, white, or gray colors, while the goldendoodle only comes in yellow or white shades.

How Do Guinea Pigs Reach Their Full Size?

Guinea pigs reach their full size depending on several factors. This includes their type of breed, gender, age, and diet. It takes Guinea pigs one year and two months to grow to adult size.


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