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Canyon Lake is known for its outdoor water recreation. However, it’s less known that it’s not a lake at all but rather a reservoir.

the population of Canyon Lake has only grown and today is home to thousands of human residents. We’ve shared details on the depth and details of Canyon Lake, along with some lesser-known facts.

Canyon Lake at its most resounding depth is 125 feet, which is 12 stories tall! The area of the lake is 8,240 acres and it has 60 stunning miles of shoreline which is at 909 feet above mean sea level.

How Deep Is Canyon Lake?

Canyon Lake was created when the construction of the Canyon Dam in Comal County was completed in 1964 after breaking ground in 1958.

How Was Canyon Lake Created?

In 1850, long before countless acres were filled with water, the area was a modest settlement for farmers and settlers traveling through the Guadalupe River Valley.

What Existed There Before Canyon Lake?