Blue Whale Population: How Many Blue Whales Are There in the World?

Sadly, these whales aren’t doing too well across the world, and humans are mostly to blame. Let’s take a look at the Blue Whale Population: How Many Blue Whales Are There in the World?


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Blue Whale Overview

When it comes to size, blue whales are the kings of the world. They hold the top spot as the largest creature to ever exist, never mind the largest whale or mammal. There are over 88 whales that are longer than 98 feet and at least one that is over 100 feet.

How Many Blue Whales are left in the World?

There are between 10,000 and 25,000 blue whales left in the world. Blue whales have been around for millions of years, but their numbers are threatened across the world. The most significant impact on blue whale populations worldwide was, without a doubt, whaling efforts in the 20th century.

Where do blue whales live?

Blue whales are extremely widespread whales and can be found in nearly all of the world’s oceans. Part of the reason they are so widespread is that they are constantly migrating and roam within a large range.

What are the different blue whale populations?

Like most widespread animal species, there are different population groups that have been isolated by distance. Additionally, there are subspecies of blue whales that can be quite different from one another.

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