How Many Legs Does a Butterfly Have? Let’s Find Out!

When telling a friend about your favorite type of butterfly, you probably start by describing its wings. After all, a butterfly’s wings are its most attractive feature.

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We know a lot about a butterfly’s wings, but have you ever taken note of a butterfly’s legs? In a lot of ways, butterfly legs are just as interesting as butterfly wings.

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How Many Legs Does a Butterfly Have?

A butterfly has six legs. Take a close look at the body of a butterfly and you’ll see three sections: a head, a middle area called the thorax, and an abdomen. 

How Does a Butterfly Use Its Legs and Feet?

A butterfly has sensors called chemoreceptors on its legs and feet. 

Do Some Butterflies Have Fewer Than Six Legs?

No. But, Monarch butterflies along with the other members of their family put a little twist on how they use their legs.

Why Do Butterflies in the Nymphalidae Family Have Forelegs?

For instance, a Monarch butterfly may use its forelegs for grooming purposes.


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