How Old was the Oldest Boxer Dog Ever?

Boxers are fun-loving and affectionate dogs with an average life expectancy of 10-12 years. Yet, a few older boxers have proven this handsome breed can live even longer.

We’ll take a look at boxer traits, their origins in Germany and learn the stories of the oldest boxers on record.

Traits of Box Dogs

Muscular build and stands up to 25 inches high. Its coat is short and smooth, with either fawn or brindle coloring (brown and tan streaks) plus white.

Origins of the Boxer Breed

The boxer breed was developed in the 19th Century in Germany by mixing mainly mastiffs with the now extinct German bulldogs called Bullenbessier.

Why Are They Called Boxers?

It’s also possible the word boxer is derived from the German word Boxl, another name used for the Bullenbessier dog.

The Oldest Boxer Ever

The oldest boxer ever was a male named Maccabee, who lived to be 16 years and nine months old. Maccabee was born October 28, 1999, and died on July 28, 2016.

Old Boxer Dogs: More Boxers that Lived Long Lives

The second oldest boxer ever was a male named Brewski, who lived for 16 years, five months, and 28 days.