Japanese Maple Seeds: Grow Your Own Maple Tree!



All trees have to start somewhere, and the same can be said of Japanese maple seeds. Beautiful and boasting vibrant colors in the fall, Japanese maple trees are beloved around the world. Here’s how to grow your own tree, from the best variety for your area to harvesting your maple seeds.

Japanese Maple Seeds: Everything You Need to Know

Japanese maples are a relatively compact maple variety with a lot of flair and elegant features. These trees rarely reach over 40 feet tall, depending on the variety, but all of them have delightful leaves that change color with the seasons.

Japanese Maple Tree Varieties

If you do decide to purchase Japanese maple seeds, here are some extremely popular varieties to consider: Coral Bark Bloodgood Hogyoku Crimson Queen Autumn Moon

Germinating and Growing a Japanese Maple Tree from Seed

Here’s how to germinate and plant your seeds for best success: Soak your seeds. Stratify your seeds. Plant your seedlings.

Harvesting Japanese Maple Seeds

All winged maple seed pods contain a couple of seeds inside. This is all you need to start your own Japanese maple tree! Simply collect the maple wings, either from the ground or an existing tree. Break off the wings and begin the growing process.


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