Jellyfish vs Man O’ War:  What Are 8 Key Differences?

Although they are sometimes confused, the jellyfish and the Portuguese man o’ war are two different ocean creatures.

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It may not seem important to know what makes them unique, but you never know when it can come in handy, especially if you are planning a visit to the beach soon!

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Jellyfish vs Man O’ War: Size

In size, jellyfish can range from one millimeter to 16 inches.

Jellyfish vs Man O’ War: Colors

In terms of color, jellyfish can come in a wide range of hues from yellow to deep blue to vivid purple to pale lilac to bright orange to deep red.

Jellyfish vs Man O’ War: Physical Features

Having a smooth body with small tentacles, jellyfish can sting other organisms. They lack bones, brains, hearts, and eyes.

Jellyfish vs Man O’ War: Diet

The Portuguese man o’ war is a carnivore that eats small fish, plankton, worms, and crustaceans.


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