Pocket Pitbull

Also known as a miniature Pitbull or a teacup mini Pitbull, a Pocket Pitbull only grows to be about 16 inches at its maximum height.

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Though some people may worry about “small dog syndrome” and aggression, the opposite is true for this pup. They are quite friendly and easy to train, making them loving family dogs.

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Pocket Pitbull Size and Weight

The sizes of the Pocket Pitbulls play a major role in their categorization. Generally, these dogs have short hair, and they only measure about 12-16 inches tall.

Common Health Issues

- Hypothyroidism - Hip dysplasia - Heart disease - Eye problems - Skin allergies

Pocket Pitbull Temperament

They have an aura of confidence, paired with their impressive intelligence. They need some mental and physical stimulation, making them a great companion for active families.


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