The Top 13 Biggest Horses in the World

Animals were added to this list based on their height and weight.

Learning more about these animals that are giant in size, especially in height and weight, is a fun activity.


Russian Heavy – 58 Inches Tall and 1,420 Pounds

The Russian Heavy has short legs but a massive body.

Vladimir Draft Horse – 58 Inches Tall and 1,580 Pounds

The Vladimir Draft Horse has a unique Roman nose.



Dutch Draft – 62 Inches Tall and 1,500 Pounds

The Dutch Draft is known as the cold-blooded horse.

Comtois Horse – 60 Inches Tall and 1,580 Pounds

The Comtois Horse originated back in the 1st century.



American Cream 62 Inches Tall and 1,800 Pounds

The American Cream famously originated in Iowa.

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