Meet the World’s Most Venomous Mammals

When most people think of venomous animals, the first things that come to mind are snakes, spiders, and insects. But they are not by any means the only ones.

Did you know that there are a number of venomous mammals as well? Keep reading to learn about the top ten most venomous mammals!

#1: Platypus

While not fatal, male platypus venom is unbelievably painful to humans, and it can result in lingering pain at the injury site and associated limb for months.

#2: Slow Loris

The slow loris possesses sacks beneath its forelimbs that it licks prior to biting, which transfers venom to the mouth.

#3: Hispaniolan Solenodon

Hispaniolan solenodons inject venom through their lower incisors that can cause paralysis and death.

#4: Cuban Solenodon

It is a nocturnal insectivore that resides in burrows or hollow trees emerging at night to hunt frogs, reptiles, and small rodents.