Meet These Cute Little Ferret Babies!

Ferret babies are typically born in litters of 4-8. The first weeks of life are precarious, as it’s difficult to hand-feed the babies if something goes wrong.

They begin eating meat at just three and a half to four weeks old and can be adopted at eight weeks of age.

What Do You Call A Baby Ferret?

Baby ferrets are called kits until one year of age. Intact males are then called hobs, and females are referred to as jills.

How Many Babies Do Ferrets Have At Once?

Ferrets have average litters of 4-8 kits. Some jills give birth to just one kit, while others may have as many as fourteen in the same litter!

What Do Baby Ferrets Eat?

Kits are fed mushy food like ground meat, broth-soaked kibble, and soft kitten food. Kits are messy eaters at first, a lot like human babies.

What Age Can Baby Ferrets Leave Their Mother?

Ferrets begin the weaning process at three and a half weeks old and are completely weaned by six weeks old.