Persian Cat vs. Himalayan Cat

When it comes to a Persian cat and a Himalayan cat, who’s smarter? As long as they’re provided with a stimulating environment, Himalayan cats can outsmart a Persian any day.

They carry a lot of the DNA from Siamese cats, who have a famous inquisitive nature. What other vital differences should you know about? Keep reading as we compare Persian and Himalayan cats.


Persian Cat: Thrives on routine, Sweet demeanor, Enjoys frequent attention, Discriminate with love Himalayan Cat: Doesn’t need routine, Loving and loyal demeanor, Can be alone for periods of time, Loves interactive games


Persian Cat: Long coat, Creamy, gray, and orange color choices, Doll-like face, Can resemble a Pekingese dog Himalayan Cat: Long coat, Siamese color markings, Creamy body, Dark face, feet, tail


Persian Cat: Gets along with similar temperament pets Prefers quiet environment Himalayan Cat: Gets along with a variety of pets Does well with loud families