Pet Salamander Guide: What You Need to Know

Salamanders are ideal for people who are intrigued by colorful, lively amphibians. They’re striking to look at and fun to watch. Like any pet, however, they need the right care and feeding if they are going to thrive.

Before Buying a Salamander

A salamander requires some initial upfront costs, including a tank, accessories, and food. You’ll need a large tank, and you must find a veterinarian who specializes in exotic pets.

How Much Does a Salamander Cost?

The price for a salamander can range depending on the species and where you buy one. You can buy a salamander for around $20 at a local pet store, or you can buy an exotic one from an importer for $250 or more. Rare species will cost more.

What are the lifetime costs of owning a salamander?

You should be prepared for years of feeding, aquarium care, medical care, and other costs. Total lifetime cost: $12,650 to $15,700.

New Owner Shopping List: What To Buy

Be prepared to welcome your new salamander home with the right equipment. Here’s what you will need. — Tank — Tank accessories — Food


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