Pets That Are Illegal to Own in the United States

If you live in the United States and think that you would love to own an exotic pet, check your state’s laws before buying the pet. Many states have illegal pet laws that you must obey.

Even some animals that are commonly raised as pets in other areas of the world may be illegal animals in the U.S.


When they become anxious, they curl up in a tight ball. It is easy to cause injury if you try to uncurl them.


The most common reason for banning them is the changes they could cause to the ecosystem if they are set or lost in the wild.


Monkeys kept in captivity tend to bond with the person they perceive as in charge while viewing everyone else as an enemy.

Sugar Gliders

They are nocturnal and want a dark environment during the day. Their food, consisting of specialized water and nectar drinks, can be challenging to find.


While it is obvious why big cats, like lions and tigers, are banned as pets, but it is also illegal to own a Bengal in at least 19 states.

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