Puma vs. Mountain Lion: Is There a Difference?

In this article, we will address all of the different subspecies of pumas and mountain lions, including where they are commonly located.

We will also address how you can identify one of these big cats in the wild, as well as where their preferred habitats are. Let’s get started and learn more now!

Physical Appearance and Size

Pumas and mountain lions have the same physical appearance and size. There is a size difference between male and female pumas, with male cats growing larger overall.

Behavior and Diet

Pumas and mountain lions eat rodents, rabbits, birds, deer, and livestock in more populated locations. They rarely attack humans, but can do so if their food sources are threatened.

Preferred Habitat

A puma or mountain lion is an extremely adaptable creature. They live in a wide variety of regions, habitats, and geographical locations.

Geographic Location

These big cats are located around the world, in all environments besides Antarctica or other extremely cold locations.