Rare Breeds of Dogs

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Dogs were first domesticated between 20,000 and 40,000 years ago, and humanity has not been shy about selectively breeding traits they find practical for survival or even just aesthetically pleasing.

The World Canine Organization has identified 360 different breeds on a global scale, and that only takes into account breeds that reach a certain level of recognition, age, and population size.

The rarity of the Telomian is a reflection of the fact that it was originally bred by the isolated Orang Asli people of Malaysia.

#1. Telomian: Malaysia’s Rare Climbing Dog

Norway’s Lundehund was bred for the specific purpose of hunting puffins.

#2. Norwegian Lundehund: The Result of Highly Specific Breeding

The Lagotto Romagnolo is an ancient breed that’s now a rare breed of dog, though it has a prominent place in history.

#3. Lagotto Romagnolo: Brought Back From the Verge of Extinction

Their rough coats and large, vibrant personalities made them ideal dogs for hunting otters.

#4. Otterhound: Britain’s Most Endangered Dog Breed

As the youngest of Hungary’s three types of herding dog, the Mudi has gained some interest as a type of rescue dog in Finland.

#5. Mudi: One of Hungary’s Best Kept Secret





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