See the Largest National Parks in the United States



We have come up with a list of the biggest national parks in the U.S. You should take a look at each. Learn where they’re located, how large they are, and some cool features about them by reading on!

Joshua Tree (795,155 acres)

Joshua Tree National Park is located in the Mojave Desert, and it is famous for the trees that give the park its name.

Big Bend (801,163 acres)

Texas’ Big Bend National Park is named for the bend in the Rio Grande. The Chihuahuan Desert makes up a large portion of the park.

Olympic (922,649.41 acres)

The Olympic National Park is located in northwestern Washington, on the Olympic Peninsula. The park was originally called the Mount Olympus National Monument by Teddy Roosevelt.

Glacier Park (1,013,125 acres)

Located on the border between Montana and Canada, Glacier National Park is a fairly large park that is famous for its biodiversity.


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