The Best Ways to Keep Deer Out of Your Yard This Summer

These foraging animals love to eat weeds, specific crops, and flowers. Yards and gardens sometimes pose an attractive meal to deer.

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However, they can destroy your hard work. So, how do you keep deer from eating all of your plants in the summer?

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A Tall Fence

Installing a tall fence is a nearly foolproof way to keep deer out of your yard in any season. However, the standard fence height of six feet is not enough to stop a hungry deer.


Deer Resistant Plants and Garden Design

Deer are not that picky when it comes to plants, but there are a few options that might turn them off from your garden.


Create a Perimeter

There are certain surfaces, like uneven rocks, that deer don’t like to walk on. Creating a rock garden perimeter around your yard can keep them out. 


Use Deer Repellent

Commercial deer repellents can help keep deer away. They usually come in a spray form. Spray them on your plants, typically every few months.


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