The Largest Lakes in Colorado

If you are looking for an unwinding vacation that doesn’t have to take you to the beach, you can refresh in one of Colorado’s lakes!


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Morrow Point Reservoir

Morrow Point Reservoir, a lake inside the Curecanti National Recreation Area, is frequently overshadowed by the considerably larger Blue Mesa Reservoir. It measures 1.28 sq mi or 3.306 sq km.

Lake Nighthorse

Covering a total surface area of 2.32 sq mi or 6.03 sq km, Lake Nighthorse provides enough water storage for water rights claim-holders in the Animas River. It is a reservoir built by the Ridges Basin Dam, which measures 270 feet high.

Vallecito Reservoir

The Vallecito Reservoir or Vallecito Lake has a surface area of 4.25 sq mi or 2,720 acres when filled to its maximum capacity. It can hold the most water volume of 129,700 acre-feet.

Turquoise Lake

Turquoise Lake, barely 5 miles west of Leadville’s Historic District, is a sight to behold. It has a total surface area of 2.78 sq mi or 1,780 acres and holds 129,440 acre-feet of water or 159,660,000 cubic meters.

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